Bellissa is a part of the multi-profile company Maqro Group, founded in 2012 in Batumi, Georgia. Bellissa is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the local furniture industry, located on a plot of 2900 m2 and employs more than 100 employees. 
Our priority is to create high-quality, contemporary furniture for whom furniture means everything.
We are capable of producing all the necessary furniture, panel and upholstered, wall decor and panel decors for industrial and/or individual aims, such as hotels, restaurants or even private projects.
Dozens of present-time machines even allow us to simultaneously run several large projects, which is a kind of advantage for the customer since deadlines are the most important for us. Our introductory mission is to create modern design furniture and a warm atmosphere in any place where comfort is essential.  Based on ten years of work experience, the variety of products and production directions is constantly evolving.
It should be noted that the primary key to furniture design and sophistication is our interior design team, staffed by Georgian and Turkish designers with ten years of international experience in the furniture industry.
So our design is one of the leading local industries that has repeatedly gained a reputation from many customers.

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